Be it interior and/or exterior decoration from the ceremony to the reception to the dinner. The décor comprises of bouquets, corsages and ceremony centerpieces, chair covers, head table decorations, table linen, backdrops, ceiling canopies, wedding favors and other additional customized decors depending on the themes chosen.

A perfect choice for any outdoor event giving you the client endless opportunities to turn your vision into a reality. They are simple to install and favourable for all weather conditions.Our tents are beautiful, well designed for all sizes and for different occasions. Our technical team are always available to assist you to choose the best tents for your event.

Let us help you create the ideal table setup for your event. We help you compose an elegant table setup, regardless of the seating structure. Events table designs and formal seating table setup styles can vary dramatically and we plan a lovely and custom table setup, for instance, banquet table setup, including where to place utensils, dessert trays and more. No matter how vast your event may be,...

Depending on your occasion there are more of our services that compose the color and success of your event. There is a wide variety of other products and services that we offer at a reasonable fee, and this include but not limited to stages, public address systems, lighting, dance floors, podium, mcee services, events security, kiddle activities and many more.

Having a night party or event? No need to worry. Chairmania Events LTD will still come through for you. One of the most important factors in creating the desired mood for your event is lighting. We provide a wide range of lighting equipment ranging from fluorescent tubes to flood lights! Whatsmore, we have fairy lights and zebra torches standing at 6 ft high. The lights are set up by our team of...

Don’t miss the chance of what the extraordinary spherical dome space has to offer and transform your event into a memorable and unique experience.  Amazing appearance, vast spaces and geometric perfection, sizes and perfect curves for your occasion: Domes are an incredibly functional and flexible solution that additionally becomes an exceptional marketing tool in itself.  It is statistically...

The right selection of furniture and furnishings can make a vast difference to the overall ambience of your tent and event setup at large. The range of furniture and furnishings we have available along with your marquee hire is large. We are very much aware as to how central furniture style can be in the design of your event.  If you do not have a clear idea of what you require we can certainly...

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